Our company is established name in laterite mining, Bauxite mining and Flyash for industries.



We are the leading infrastructure developer in the region.We are also PWD contractors.



We provide all kind of advertising services from Hoarding to Digital advertisement.



We provide fast, reliable, efficient and safe transportation solutions at its best.

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We are the leading suppliers of Laterite and Bauxite to Cement Industries in India. We also deliver Flyash for Industries.

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We are the leading Raw materials provider for industries in india

Some of our services are listed below

Laterite Mining

Our group is into Laterite Mining.Laterites are a source of aluminium ore; the ore exists largely in clay minerals.

Bauxite Mining

We are the industry leaders in Bauxite Mining.Bauxite is usually found near the surface of terrain and can be strip-mined economically.

Flyash Supplier

We are the leading flyash supplier in india.Fly ash is the fine ash produced at coal-fired power plants that develops cementitious properties when mixed with cement and water.Dry flyash we supply through bulkers to Cement industry We are one of the leading suppliers of flyash in Karnataka Andra and Kerala.

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